A Simple Secret to Stress Management

Posted by nostress on Saturday, September 24, 2011

Living in accelerating the commitment of our current global society, it is likely that you are well aware of their stress levels and the possible consequences of not dealing with it. You've probably heard about all the techniques to get a handle on stress: nutrition, exercise and meditation in order of priority, planning and time management. These are all great activities that make a real difference. In this article, we will look at lesser-known secret:. How the simple act of moving your perception is a powerful step toward you getting rid of stress in a relaxed manner, inspired by the balance of

For starters, let's look at the definition of psychological stress. This definition can give a new relationship with their stress. Instead of experiencing stress as something you blindsides, or is beyond your control, you'll understand what it is, where it comes from, and what you can do about it. It is a powerful step in taking charge of stress in your life.

So, here's the definition:

"Stress is the perception of the demands on your time, energy and resources to the perception that these requirements may exceed the time, energy and resources that you ."

Stress results from an unbalanced equation: you perceive that the demands you face exceed the resources we have. This perception is in itself drains your energy. Life begins to feel like a burden or overwhelming chain "must" requirements and responsibilities than inspiring, joyful journey.

As you can shift the balance?

can shift the balance adjustment on both sides of the equation. First, you learn to look at those requests otherwise. Rather than seeing them as an irresistible giants, you can sift through them and cut to size. You can experience stress when the challenges facing it seems huge. So the first thing you can do is to break them down to priorities and parts.

First, make a list of the various challenges and tasks that face. Rank them in order of importance and urgency. What is most important? What you need to attend to right now? The lower the priority? What would you really do not need to do everything? Sometimes we think we "should" do things that will not actually make a positive difference in our lives. Recognize the first two or three things on the list.

Then, take those top priorities, and break them down into smaller action steps that these steps should be done. For example, doing your taxes May seem overwhelming, but you can handle and create a folder at the beginning to collect documents you need. Specify the path of simple, small actions steps for your priorities. Most importantly, determine the next action step for each of them. This next action is what you need to find the time, energy and resources now. Let rest for a moment.

On the other side of the equation, to estimate their time, energy and resources. Look at what you do. Look at your schedule and see how you spend your time and energy. Is there anything that is taking up time and energy, but not really addressing your main priorities? In other words, is there anywhere that you are wasting your time and energy? Is there any way that you are spending resources that could be shifted to take care of your priorities? In other words, is there any place that you are wasting your money?

If you used the time and energy and those resources to achieve their top priority action steps, you can significantly shift the equation to stress the positive. For example, you can replace the 15-minute workout and 15 minutes of reading to your child for 30 minutes of TV time, or surfing the Internet. Replacement according to their own priorities.

the bottom line when it comes to stress, is to realize that no matter what happens in life you have choices in how you relate to it. You can make a choice to shift from win to taking care of your top priorities. When you take care of your priorities, you become more relaxed, inspired, and energized.

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