Dark Chocolate - A Great Stress Reliever

Posted by nostress on Thursday, September 22, 2011

Chocolate is the most luscious, most tempting and most irresistible desserts all over the planet. One look at it is enough to tell you that it is very tasty and only a small bite could trigger a craving and you would end up asking for more. What is it about chocolate that lures all this? I am a chocolate lover, and I always see that I eat chocolate every now and then, because that's what I love doing. I like to eat chocolate. No, I'm nothing compared to LA Lakers star Lamar Odom was addicted to it. He was so into it. He brings a package every practice and eat a lot.

, however, the thing is that chocolate is good for our health, especially in large quantities. This is the main reason why people gain weight. He also said that it could give you diabetes and other health problems as well. People say that if you want to live long and healthy chocolate are one of the things that you should avoid. That has changed now. Science has proven that dark chocolate is good for you. This could help prevent high blood pressure and even heart disease. Strange, is not it? Well, I'll explain further.

Warning: The dark chocolate is actually good for you, but that does not mean you are now able to eat bags per day. Too bad it was.

There are case studies that tested the subjects to feed them dark čokolade.Rezultati are stunning. These articles really showed signs of reduced blood pressure, most of them, at least. It is also proven to be a lot healthier than prescription drugs. Dark chocolate also contains anti-oxidants. The anti - oxidants are very useful because they remove toxins from the body and other free radicals. These toxins and free radicals are the reasons many types of diseases and that definitely includes heart disease. Dark chocolate also reduce stress and help you to be in good raspoloženju.Razlog cocoa content dark chocolate, which is phenol, a well known anti - oxidant. So, if you plan to eat sweets, eat dark chocolate instead of other sweets.

Before we dive into the chocolate, a friendly reminder. To get the full effect of anti-oxidant in dark chocolate, you should eat alone, you should not participate in any other food or drink with him because it would cancel the anti - oxidant. Also, do not forget to participate in moderation because too much was bad. Also, take care of your teeth. After eating dark chocolate, you should always remember to brush your teeth.

and now all you chocolate lovers have no excuse not to avoid it. Eat in moderation, to eat for your health. That is because they love it.

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